Quantity Surveying

Feasibility studies

Project analysis to complete a project successfully. Investigate the negative and positive outcomes. Gives focus on a project and outline alternatives. Identify new opportunities through investigation. Financial and conceptual cost comparison estimates. Addressing and mitigating early factors identified. Provide quality information for decision-making.

Contract pre-phase

Identifying corrective tender procedures. Bid evaluation, bid recommendation and potential bid negotiation. Determine most effective contracting system. Tender document preparation and enquiry documents. Measure drawings; compile bills of quantities and schedule of rates. Preliminary cost allowances and estimates.

Contract post phase

Composition of interim payment certificates. Manage and evaluate change and variation orders. Contract cost control and reporting “budget vs actual”. Progress and cost control meetings. Final contract price consensus and settlement of claims. Final account “close out “report. Manage and report on cash flows.

Final account

Final account and project close out reports. Final account sign off agreement. Financial close out report. Commercial close out report.


Project & Construction Management

Contract Services

Full Project Management Services. Construction Management services consist of contract strategies such as re-measurable and fixed priced lump sum. Claims management and dispute resolution. Administration of constructional arrangements during the construction implementation phase. Selection of appropriate conditions of contract. Drafting of various types of documents. Vendor and procurement support services. Negotiate sub contract agreements.

Administration Services

Full Project Management Services. Contract close out systems. Monitoring project controls. Compile a project execution plan. Advise on contracting strategies and directives. Select multi disciplined vendors and contractors. Contract correspondence register and contractual letters. Attend meetings in assisting in a corporative manner.

Construction Cost Services

Contract bid clarification and adjudication framework. Contract change order and variation order management and compilation. Interim payment certificate evaluations. Project cash flow and affordability. Budget reviews. Correct and complete claims.


General & Cost Management


Project sensitivity analysis and the basis of estimate formulation. Estimate compilations and material take-off and pricing schedules. Manage and calculating project contingency allowances. Cash flow forecasting. Direct and indirect cost estimate pricing calculations. Escalation and price increase calculations. Reviews, report, analyze and benchmarking procedures.


Project sensitivity analysis. Independent peer reviews, analysis, and benchmarking. Contingency management and calculation. Review estimates from first principles. Formulate recommendations via detailed reporting. Cash flow forecasting on project life cycle. Project cost control reviews. Budget reviews. The accuracy, validity, and completeness in the submission of contractual claims.

Audit & Peer Reviews

Follow an accurate and corrective action plan. Key aspects to take into consideration when audits and reviews are conducted are corrective benchmarking, estimating and costing of projects. Handling professional consultant interviews. Project control reviews. Commercial and contractual reviews and audits.

Dispute resolution

Mediation and conciliation. Negotiation and facilitation. Our expertise in the field of claim management and dispute resolution includes the following: Identification, formulation, motivation, quantification and settlement of extension of time claims, delay and disruption claims, acceleration claims and claims for additional costs under all standard forms of contract. Formulating and offering advice on compensation events or claims under the NEC and FIDIC suite of contracts. Reviewing claim value methodology in line with contractual preambles and employers’ requirements.


Commercial Management

Administration Services

Contract close out systems. Monitoring project controls. Compile a project execution plan. Advise on contracting strategies and directives. Select multi disciplined vendors and contractors. Contract correspondence register and contractual letters. Chair meetings, compile minutes, and distribute information records of the project management directives.

Contract & Risk

Identify type of contract for example main contract and or sub contract; determine overlapping and transparent components in the types of contracts.
Identify company risk and project related risk factors. Advise on the identification of risk aspects.

Tender & Award

The key aspect is to identify tender selection through a proposed entity such as a tender committee. The tender compilation is a key performer who is the responsible team, what software must be used, type tender documentation. How would tender submissions be organized? Tender review and strategy reports.
Identify insurers and application process. How will the project be financed? What legal and commercial aspects is key in the project execution. Identify project specific information.


Identify accountancy requirements and country law. In house company financial and accounting requirements and systems that would impact on the project. Project financial requirements. Identify client specific financial requirements.


Project planning and programming. Project resource allocation and planning system identifying hr, plant and material. Cost management system, budgets and forecasts, sub contractor management. Valuations, sub contractor valuations, cost value comparisons, contractual issues and programming. Final account, final cost value comparisons, and final hand over.




Consult with external parties and other legal support services. Consult on expert witness statements and assistance. Referrals to and offering support to external legal consultants. Claims management and dispute resolution. Expert witness statements and assistance.


Consult on independent audits and expert reviews. Reviewing accuracy, validity and completeness in the submission of contractual claims. Independent audits and expert reviews. Cost comparison studies. Verification of contractor’s interim payments. Cost control and production of regular statements of anticipated final contract costs and total project cost


Employer’s requirements and process guarantees. Commercial and contractual reviews and audits. Advice on suitable contracting strategies and directives. Contract bid clarification and adjudication. Facilitating contract amendment documentation. Risk identification and monitoring.