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Kriel & Bismilla

Kriel & Bismilla is a professional service company that specialises in quantity surveying, project management, cost management, commercial management and consulting in various industries ranging from infrastructure, mining, civil, property and natural resource sectors.

We provide services to a wide range of clients through out the globe. Serving a diverse client range from various state owned enterprises from municipal to national level, and to private clients from dissimilar industries.

With 50 years experience and more than 150 years combined experience Kriel & Bismilla draw on this reputation and continuous service excellence to provide our clients with maximum value and satisfaction. Our experience, industry ethics, superior service and excellent client relations has proven to stand the test of time.

Kriel & Bismilla evolved from a partnership that was formed in South Africa and was founded in 1965 under the practice name of Lombard, Kriel & Gallow, which later became Lombard & Kriel, and later Lombard, Kriel & Bismilla. Finally in 1997 Kriel & Bismilla was entrenched and the company evolved with the transition of South Africa.

Kriel & Bismilla embraced the growth of broad based black empowerment of previously disadvantage individuals since its entrenchment in 1997.